Oh, Just Do It

If I can manage to spin an introduction beyond my “about” page this would be it. I’ve finally decided to launch a blog site after maybe ten years of arguing with myself about whether it was the right thing for me. Ten years…that’s beyond what I would call apprehensive or indecisive. I hope it never takes me ten years to make another decision in my life (I’m about five years pending on a few things).

But to be honest that apprehension is enveloped in a lot of self-doubt and intimidation. For once it wasn’t about procrastination; there is a genuine fear of change and the unknown in all of us creatures of habit. Not to mention the barrage of reasons not to open yourself to the internet. Sure, most of us are taking part in that space in some capacity. But to make the decision to situate yourself exactly where its more likely you’ll have less privacy and be subject to ridicule is a step I wasn’t quite willing to take. For the most part I felt like the women who inspired me over the last ten years have managed to turn an often-hostile environment (the internet) into a positive forum for themselves and their followers. That is something unique I didn’t think was possible for me. How did they do it? Could I do it? How would I handle it? Am I mature enough?

One of the positive things I’ve learned since Will Smith created his Instagram page (a day that should be recorded in history honestly) was that right on the other side of fear is your greatest potential realized. Now does that mean that because I finally decided to create a blog I will transform into the greatest blogger that ever-graced mankind? No. What it means to me is the best part of yourself and the life you want is resting right below that leap you’re not willing to take…right there…on the ground…waiting for you to jump.

So take the leap sis. Crash into a few trees and stub your toe. When you land with scratches on your hands and back you’ll realize it wasn’t that bad after all. Injecting yourself into that fear is a huge part of extending the limits of what life has to offer. You’ll start in that fear and end up exactly where you are supposed to be. And if you don’t believe me, take a look at the people who inspire you (Will Smith and friends) and research where they started and where they are now.

 Oh, and I’m Hannah by the way.