It Is About The Journey

On Saturday I took my husband to Amish country. Ladies and gentlemen this was a huge feat. We live in PA and Amish country is not THAT far from us and this is HIS first time. I go every year and I’ve finally gotten him to come along. As per usual I had a great time and so did he. Below are some photos of the Smorgasbord where we had lunch, what I wore, and some (mostly) handmade crafts.

wearing: dress and sweater from Old Navy; sandals from American Eagle, Forever 21 necklace, super old bracelets and earrings from God knows where
Shady Maple: buffet style dutch comfort food; literally more choices of food than anyone could hope for. The area is really so beautiful and right in the midst of Amish country
Handmade and so beautiful
Shabby Chic Realness
These quilts are unreal in person; so beautifully hand crafted
I had to mention the soaps; I haven’t smelt anything better in my life; not even Coco Chanel…dont at me
At the end of the day we ruined out diets with ice-cream and candy at the Tanger Outlet Mall nearby. You only live once kids

When my husband and I first started dating, as children almost, he hadn’t ventured much beyond the several blocks surrounding his house. Getting him to go to New York and Jersey was such an accomplishment. Before long he caught the travel bug and while he’s still very much a home body he actually enjoys being away now. So needless to say I’m an advocate for forcing someone to do something you know will be an awesome experience (within the boundaries of safety of course…because even drugs can be an “experience”).

The common misconception he had, like many people I know, is that if he’s not flying to some grand island vacation then it isn’t really ‘traveling.’ I find that to be such a limiting way of viewing what you get from travel. I sum up travel to be any interaction I have with another culture. There are little pockets of culture all over the world and right in our backyards.  If I can lift myself out of my environment and go connect with something new, that my friends is what I deem having traveled.

Now that’s not to say an afternoon in Amish county is comparable to a week in the Maldives. I’m sure it’s not. Right? If I can’t tell the difference I’m sure social media will remind me. And there’s where we’ve gotten our idea of an experience muddled. We think because we can’t go on that two week vacation to Santorini like that one girl on Instagram then we can’t have an experience. But traveling just about anywhere puts that whole notion to bed because it offers so much perspective on life. Consider the Amish people for example, what do you think their idea of the Maldives is? Traveling really helps me to compare myself less to the beautiful people on my phone screen and gives me the opportunity to make connections with people standing right in front of me who are living a life often devoid of the crap I consider “important”.

The moment we think about travel beyond what great Instagram content we can post later that’s when you’ve learnt its value: meeting people, learning something new about yourself, bringing you closer to someone you love, centering yourself, distancing you from your phone screen…the benefits are numerous. In my opinion, and I didn’t coin this obviously, but it really is all about the journey.

So I say take that two hour drive to the next state over and have yourself a grand old time until you can save up enough for that trip to the Maldives. Everywhere has its potential to be an experience.

Our travel city (or in this case county) is Lancaster, PA.