Baltimore Bliss

I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start; its hump day actually so I hope everyone is already looking forward to a great weekend like I am. Yay for Memorial Day on Monday! My work week just started today as the hubs and I took a few days off for his birthday at the top of this week. A few days off really offers me two things: energy and too much time to think. One of these things is bad.

My husband claims he doesn’t like to do anything for his birthday, but again I had to force him (I hope I’m not painting a picture of myself on here as a tyrant wife because I’ve mentioned using force on my husband at least twice). Needless to say he had an amazing time. We drove to Baltimore, only two hours away, and spent the day. The weather was absolutely perfect; I wish it could stay that way the entire summer. But let’s not set ourselves up for disappointment and just take the weather as it comes.

Below are a few pics we snapped!

Will be creating a series soon called: How not to take Pictures. Will include tips on how to hold your head up and not to speak while photo is being taken.
Went for a “spring blues” makeup look. Subtle but effective.
Inner Harbor, Baltimore
Walkway along the Harbor
As you can probably tell the harbor makes for a long walk
Where we dined
View from our table
So amazing and regrettable
I know at this point ordering calamari is cliche, but I am SUPER cliche. Accept who you are kids
Worth the calories and scale regrets
Wearing F21 Denim Jeans; H&M Top; American Eagle Sandals (fav); Earrings from Target; Arm Candy from Francesca’s; Bag is Kate Spade
Sun glare face, but it really was perfect weather

I love that there is so much to do in Baltimore. Between the tons of options for tours, fabulous places to eat, and loads of activities that anyone would enjoy I was pretty sure we couldn’t go wrong doing just about anything. Because my husby is super laid back we decided to spend most of the day along Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, which is a sightseeing hub right in the center of Baltimore’s best attractions. Right on the harbor we were able to get in some great shopping, sightseeing, people watching (mostly me; right along the harbor is full of tourists and locals going about their day), and most importantly settle down to my husband’s birthday dinner at this amazing restaurant right on the harbor called Rusty Scupper. Now, you can’t tell by the name, but this restaurant is one of the most highly recommended in the city. It was quietly elegant with the best choices of seafood cuisine and a few other tasty options on the menu for those of us who only dabble in seafood (me). Our table gave us a two-story view over the harbor and watching the sun set on the water was so serene.

 Baltimore is one of my favorite cities (I hope I don’t begin to say this about every city). I love that it offers a wealth of culture and remains so very American. The people are friendly, the food is amazing, the history is rich…it’s all so very east coast. I hope I’ve made it clear that I’m an advocate for exploring the cities that are closest to you; even just for a day!  I’m one of those people who genuinely doesn’t like to feel like I’m missing anything. City travel helps me to feel like, “I’ve been there, and I’ve done that” in the best version of what that phrase means.

Today’s travel city is Baltimore, Maryland.

Leave a comment below if you love taking day trips or enjoy city travel like I do!