L.A. Diaries (My Good Girl Gone Bad Trials)

I don’t think I let you guys in on this secret so here it goes. Six months ago when I turned 29 (don’t tell anyone because I plan on turning 29 again next year) I had all these elaborate plans to shed my good girl skin and to live out the final year of my 20’s as the “baddest” gal out of Kingston, Jamaica. My husband actually made the smuggest smirk when I told him my plans. He knows me a little too well, but I planned on being so bad that no one would recognize the new me. Like many of us lifelong good girls (think Ayesha Curry perhaps) you get the urge at some point to get into a little trouble just to see how it feels. That’s what this year and this trip to Los Angeles was all about.

My best friend and I had been planning this trip for a few weeks.  She lives in L.A. and I was dying to see her. She’s the only person that didn’t laugh at my ideas, and its because she knows me pretty well too. We grew up together and trust me she was always frustrated with my conformism. I was constantly worried about the “what ifs” and she on the other hand thought life was more colorful with a few risks. Needless to say she was excited I was finally ready to break out of my shell (and it only took 29 yearsssssss).

Believe me kids I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m the quintessential goody two shoes. My parents always knew where I was (usually inside the house), I didn’t drink until I was at the legal age to do so (which in Jamaica is 18 so…), I didn’t go to parties, I was at church half the week, I had my first boyfriend way too old, I have no street smarts (don’t tell my husband I admitted that), I never gamble, go clubbing, or participate in illegal substances, and I was always in some good-to-do club in both high school and college. Most importantly: I got married at 23 (to the guy I was dating since I was 18). There is nothing that makes you more of a goodie (in my opinion) than marriage at a young age to like your first or second boyfriend. So being inexperienced in dating and socializing with the opposite sex was a huge contributor to my ‘prolonged innocence’. But believe me I was so ready to take this trip (on my own) and prove that I could walk on the wild side.

Obviously, the sweet Lord Jesus (who sees the impending sins of good girls and saves them from themselves) had other plans for us. It all started out so promising. On our way from the airport the first thing we did was stop at an In N Out so we could ruin our diets with burgers at 12 in the morning. We ate our fries in the car as we drove through South Central L.A. and I cruised pass my very first sighting of “ladies of the night.” It was almost too much. I was actually jarred you guys because one: I never see that in PA and two: you never want to see that back home in Kingston. I thought, this is a sign, here are some fellow baddies wishing me well on my journey.

On trend the next day we slept way too late and continued to ruin our diet by eating cake for breakfast (living on the edge friends). Later that afternoon we went downtown to L.A.’s Fashion District for some shopping. Its so much like Downtown, Kingston; filled with street vendors, bargains, and of course, the best street food. I had so much fun walking around and stuffing my face. L.A. has the best street food! If you guys take a trip out there I highly recommended staying right in Los Angeles for the shopping and the street tacos. Worth it!  

Sarah and I
This is a super popular shopping destination
Lots of shopping to do right on the street
I do love my lashes!
I mean…we’re not gonna take about what’s real or not here, ok?
Too much of everything to choose from lol
The shopping scene here is a mix between Flatbush and DT Kingston if I’m comparing to what I know
This is real
I mean…if you want options
This is after we had walked around in circles and lost the crowd
On to the food…we ate so much!
Prob the best hot dog (dirty dog) I’ve ever had in my life
I haven’t seen guinep or lychee in atleast 10 years
From Instagram…I’m told this is currently one of the best spots to get street tacos
Los Angeles is known for the street tacos, and I promise its always soooo good!
Wearing dress from H&M, Kate Spade bag, Sandals from Old Navy

After our day time activities (walking and eating) that evening we planned for our epic bad girl night on the town. This is where it all starts to fall apart in the most hilarious way. Our plan that night was to go gambling (top twenty sin for sure), hop over to the strip club (seriously), and then round the night off at the club-club (bottling up all the badgirlery in one night). But first, as my bff Sarah advised, bad girl rule number sixteen is to pregame at home before an expensive night out. So we got cheap wine at a bodega close by and tbh I was looking forward to having other legal substances (ya know…stuff that aint legal in P.A. but is legal in L.A. if you get my drift). But we made do with the wine. We started to browse online for the best local casinos and strip clubs before my best friend’s fiancé started telling us horror stories of what its like when “bad girls go out alone.” Not gonna lie it took about two hours to shake our resolve but after much coaxing we decided maybe going to just the club was wise. Ahhh wisdom, I truly was not cut out for the bad life for sure. After all that build up I got scared about the ‘what ifs’ all over again! Am I cut out for this life?

We decided to go to Clifton’s, a Downtown, LA hot spot. I’ve been there before, and I highly recommend it. The club scene in L.A. is super expensive so if you are there and want to go clubbing be prepared to spend a ton on drinks. Of course by the time we got there it was super late, and the line to enter the club was never ending. I was like what is this! We waited an hour! My bff got into an argument with some guys that skipped in front of us! Then the DJ was unfortunately terrible. We left before 2 am. We were so over it. My friend wasn’t too phased, but I assumed every night in the bad girl life was a good night. Not so friends.

Didn’t quite get a pic of my “bad girl” outfit. Wearing Snakeskin dress from Asos and Snakeskin earrings from Shein

The next day we took it easy, having failed my bad girl mission and all. We went to Venice Beach and it was so crowded and full of life there. Perfect spot to hit before taking my long flight back home. I ate some more delicious L.A. food, took some pics, and enjoyed the street entertainment and beach scenery.

Boardwalk Ice cream ~Yummy!
Venice Beach
Crowd watching a dance performance
If you love seeing palm trees
If you love seeing sand and ocean
Wearing dress from H&M (old) Sandals from Macy’s, Sunnies are Ray-Bans, Gold Hoops from Shein

I can’t say I’ve learned anything meaningful from this failed attempt to be “bad.” I still have my bucket list of misdeeds that only a corny goodie like me would make. I suppose I should just accept that I am who I am (and I do) and it really isn’t just about being wild for a weekend. Its about owning that you’re at a different stage in your life and you should be able to do what you want and act how you want without permission. For me its about becoming a GROWN WOMAN. But, also low key wanting to know what doing all that bad stuff must be like (marriage permitting and all).

L.A. is one of the best cities to allow yourself to be carefree. For all my fellow good girls out there I would love to hear if you’ve had any similar (hilarious) failed experiences. Let me know in the comments! ❤

This week’s travel city was Los Angeles, California!