Five Things I Do To Kick Off The New Year

Hi Everyone! Happy Almost 2020! I wish you nothing but good health, peace and blessings for the coming year.

 I am super anxious to kick the New Year off right.

For me that involves a few things that I wanted to share here. I’ve been starting the year off like this for as long as I can remember. And yes I still mark the New Year, even though it comes and goes so fast but I still like it to feel like a new beginning.

These are my first things first!

A Prayer Request

My mother and I have been exchanging prayer requests at the start of each year for a while. Every year we fail to do it that year is a certified disaster. So we try to keep it up. I pray over her requests and she does the same for me. We list the things we would like God to do for us and the idea is to practice putting everything before God first. So if I want to get a breakthrough, lose weight, change jobs, grow my hair…all of which I need the power of prayer to do…it goes on the prayer request list.

Doctor Visits

My health is a priority, so I start the year off with an accounting of it. It’s a good way for me to not spend the rest of the year putting it off. I know when January rolls around its time to get my checkups and I sleep well knowing I’m not silently dying or developing some horrid gum disease. I see the dentist, my primary physician, and my OBGYN. That usually takes care of everything lol.

Get A Planner

I hit the ground running. Get your planner in December sis, because if you start in January you’re already behind. And you’ll realize that once you start using one.

Wearing Kate Spade Sunnies; H&M Earrings

Taking Account of the Year or Years Past

It was around June of this year that I realized I was going to fall short on some of my 2019 goals; and that’s okay. It happens. I don’t give up on them I just (re) strategize and keep going. I only feel like a failure when I didn’t learn anything or didn’t push hard enough. So to start the New Year I spend some time thinking about what I could do different, how I can strive towards those same goals, and how I could be more successful this year. I will say this year has taught me to truly mind my own business, to guard yourself against people who tap but don’t replenish your energy, to stay positive, and to be the bigger person-always go high when they go low. And that as well as a whole host of other things will be an on-going project—growing my hair, keto, writing projects, completing my degree, redecorating my home, and the list goes on.

Be Grateful

Above all I take some time out to be grateful that I made it through another challenging year with my head still safely on my shoulders. Gratitude helps us to put things into perspective as we go from year to year and it all seems to sort of blur into one. I still try to remain thankful and positive…that usually lasts all the way till February until someone at work upsets me!

I would love to hear what you guys do to start your year off right! Drop a comment below! Let’s make 2020 great!