30 Things I Learned In My 20’s

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a fabulous February so far. All of three days in. One step at a time after January, right?

Happy Black History Month!

I’m super excited to share this post. I turned 30 in January (let’s keep that between us) and I certainly have a lot to share. I’m not sure I have a general sense of how I feel about my 20’s, which is not to say it’s all a fog. It’s more like I’m coming out of it understanding that the journey and my purpose is far from over.

Since this blog itself is sort of a shared space of expression I will always come on here to talk about what I’ve learned. This list is just a popcorn version of what I normally do (what I like to call self-initiatives).

Anyway, by now everyone knows I love me a list so here it goes!

Me trying to still look like I’m 29

Thirty Things I Learned in My Twenties:

  • Embark on your spiritual journey. If you’ve always had questions, or sought meanings, open yourself to finding those answers
  • Be grateful even in the hard times and compassionate to others who are struggling too
  • Everyone is inadequate in some way, including you
  • Don’t volunteer for everything
  • Try not to expose your own ignorance by talking so damn much
  • Everyone hates moving, don’t ask anybody to help you lol
  • Ta-Dah! Your parents aren’t perfect
  • Lower your expectations…about everything. Matter fact, throw your expectations in the nearest trash. Maybe even shred them, so there will be NO TRACE of them left. Life will be less painful I promise
Wearing Fashion Nova dress and Ralph Lauren riding boots
  • You will never be this young again…seize the moment
  • Don’t stop reading
  • Financial independence and knowledge is important. Even when you have no money to manage like my damn self.
  •  Compromise, but never relinquish all your power
  • Mistakes are painful but valuable
  • Wait
  • Love toxic people from A FAR
  • It’s not selfish to prioritize yourself when its important
  • Normal is relative
  • I’m ready, prepared and equipped for almost nothing in life. Accept it
  • Forgive
  • Don’t wait till you’re 30 (or worse 40) to take vitamins, drink water, exercise, keep your doctor appointments, and wear SPF
  • Showing up late is unacceptable
  • Don’t half ass anything
  • Hone your talents or lose them
  • Never stop learning
  • Rushing anything actually wastes more time
  • Don’t compare yourself. Everyone is struggling with something
  • Nobody cares (lean on the Savior)
  • Surround yourself with people who don’t think like you
  • You will waste a lot of time on a lot of garbage. Its okay
  • You will turn 30 and you will be lucky to do it so be thankful
To All My 90’s Babies, we’re going into this decade prepped! Ya Heard!