Hey everyone! We’re in August I believe. Summer is winding down–I can tell by the outfits on Instagram.

Welcome to the new look, same cynicism! I’m very excited! I love change and I’ve wanted to update the blog for sometime for a more professional look and hopefully better navigation. I hope you all like it ❤

I also hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and as positive as possible. I have been very busy and some what creatively challenged. This blog is where I try to be my authentic self. Most of my posts are conceptualized and written all at once. I do not plan ahead because I like my writing to be sort of stream of consciousness on here. Even my long posts are thought of, written, and edited same day.

wearing H&M dress; vintage gold necklaces; Shein earrings

For some weeks I haven’t known what to say just yet and I’m def not going to force it. I am not going to pretend I am adulting at full capacity all the time–because I’m not. Sometimes I write, sometimes I exercise, sometimes I take my vitamins, sometimes I remember to check on my friends and sometimes I don’t do any of these things. Being a whole person is a lot of ebb and flow. Some of which you can control and some you can’t.

I titled some of the menu categories on here as “sometimes” to make that point. It makes sense to me now but I may change it later haha! But the point is I love consistency and discipline but I won’t beat myself up for the moments when I lapse in either of those things. These moments are life, and we have to live all of it: the triumphs, failures and lackadaisical moments too.

Its very important to me that I both challenge myself and give myself grace. And I want to show that here. The minute I start to act like life is perfect this blog will need to come off the internet.

Let me know in the comments below how everyone has been doing! Busy? Tired? Productive?

Till Next time!