Hannah Elizabeth is a blog I curated under my name to talk about life and travel.

I sort of made up the term “self initiatives” because I despise the overuse of the words “empowerment”, “motivation” or “positive” around discussions on how to live a full life. But the premise of self initiatives is the same: I talk about how we access our needs and actively fulfill them; we address fear, struggles, trauma, and shame in an open and safe space and then (with all our might) believe it’s possible to survive life living in our truths.

When we are not doing that very necessary and important work I love to travel and share that with you here too! I grew up in Jamaica with beauty and life all around me that I often took for granted. As I grew older and settled in P.A. I learned to appreciate the culture that is right at my fingertips and I try to use every opportunity to experience what the world around me has to offer. As I do that I hope to offer some meaningful insights, introduce you to hopefully some new places, offer travel tips and spark a dialogue. I consider myself a #citytraveler, and when we are not off somewhere we’ll be here on the blog talking about what we can learn in our effort to become better people and how we can share that with each other. Lets take on the world together and look cute while doing it!